U-Pick fruit and flowers

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Come visit our beautiful orchard! Pick our fruit, or cut some of our flowers and bring a flower arrangement home with you. We grow an all-organic orchard with many kinds of plants, which is turning into a veritable food forest. Enjoy perfectly ripened fruit harvested and eaten straight from the plants.

For the 2023 season, we welcome you to come to pick any time the store is open - no appointment necessary. To pick:

---Come talk to us to let us know that you'd like to pick
---We will orient you on where to go and give you any help you need
---Come to pay in the farm house store once you've finished picking 

The first sections of our orchard were planted in 2020, so it is still quite young. This means that some of our bush and tree fruits are just coming into their production. However, the annuals and biennials (strawberries, raspberries and cut flowers) will have very nice harvests in 2023. See the table for seasons, and we will also keep our community informed about harvest dates at our Facebook page and through our newsletter.

 Fruit type Season 2023 anticipated harvest size
Apples August-October medium
Asparagus May small
Blueberries July-August small-medium
Flowers July-September large
Gooseberries July-August small-medium
Haskap berries June small-medium
Herbs (sage, thyme, mint, chives, oregano) May-September


Plums August-September


Raspberries (everbearing) September-October


Raspberries (summer) August large
Rhubarb May-June large
Saskatoon berry end of June small-medium
Seaberry (seabuckthorn) August small
Strawberries (everbearing) August-September small-medium
Strawberries (summer) end of June to July large



Our u-pick prices roughly match grocery store organic produce prices, with the exact numbers kept on a chalk-board in our farm store. If you are wondering why our prices aren't lower given that you are picking your own fruit, we can tell you why. We are growing a completely organic, small-scale, mixed orchard. It is a much healthier, biodiverse and beautiful place than a conventional orchard, but it requires a lot more labor, planning and energy than industrial scale conventional fruit production. I'm sure that you'll be able to taste the difference and enjoy your visit.