1/4 beef - Inflation Fighter Sale

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With the fall harvest, we are putting on a bulk sale of our premium grass fed beef. Order a quarter of a beef (115 pounds cut and vacuum sealed) for you or to share with friends and family. This will be coming straight from the abattoir and delivered to you.

The price works out that you get every cut (including fancy ones like the tenderloin) for less than our normal retail price for ground beef --- $9.50 per pound

Every quarter will include the following cuts:

-Strip steaks
-Rib steaks
-Sirloin steaks
-Round steaks
-Roasts - French, blade, cross-rib
-Stewing cubes
-Short ribs
-Marrow bones
-Ground beef

The proportions will be roughly 30 pounds of steaks, 30 pounds of slow cooking cuts, 40 pounds ground beef, and 10 pounds of marrow bones and liver.

Include a note in the comments or send us an email for your delivery date. Options are:
-November 5 to 10
-December 5 to 16
-January 5 to 15, 2023.