Ham - fresh smoked

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***For Christmas hams, make your order by Sunday December 3. ***

Our hams are maple glazed and smoked, making them tender and juicy, with a nice hint of smokiness. We have heard from several of you that this is the best ham you’ve ever eaten, and our families agree. We first made hams for Easter, but they were so popular that we’ve decided to make them a more regular part of our kitchen. 

Quebec pork, brown sugar, salt, curing salt and spices

We start by putting pork roasts in a homemade brine for one week in order to cure the ham. This imparts the pink color and adds some of the distinct ham flavour. We then smoke the roasts to perfection on low heat in our big smoker.

Our hams come fully cooked, vacuum packed and refrigerated. Eat within two weeks or freeze for later.