Roasts: Grass-fed beef

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We usually make three types of roasts, and all come from the hip or shoulder of a steer. The majority of our roasts are close to 3 pounds, and all come vacuum packed and frozen.

Blade roasts: These roasts are around 2" thick, and look something like a giant steak. They generally include a significant piece of shoulder blade, and have excellent marbling. Blade roasts are very good for use as pot roasts, braised, slow cooked, or pressure cooked.  They are also great for such things as shredded beef dishes.

Cross-rib roasts: These are also shoulder roasts, usually boneless. They have a similar texture and consistency as blade roasts, and can be used in many of the same dishes.

French (or round) roasts: French roasts come from the large rear hips of a steer. They are boneless and tend to be much leaner than other roasts, and so benefit from cooking methods that won't dry them out. One particularly good option is to sear the outside, and then cook in the oven until medium-rare. Wonderful sliced roast beef.

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