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Everyone loves our farm-cured and smoked bacon. Made with high quality local pork belly, our bacon is made the old fashioned way. This gives a great taste that you won’t find in the regular stuff from the grocery store.

Pork bellies are first cured for 4 days in a homemade brine made from water, brown sugar, salt, curing salt, and spices. The meat is then basted with maple syrup and slowly cooked in the smoker with hickory wood chips to add that distinctive smoky flavour. The last step is slicing the bacon into strips to be ready for the oven or frying pan. Our bacon is made by us in our commercial farm kitchen.

Locally raised pork, brine that includes brown sugar, salt, curing salt, and spices, and a maple syrup glaze.

Our bacon is sliced and placed in vacuum sealed packs of 200 grams, frozen directly after packaging. When thawed, the bacon is technically fully cooked and safe to eat, though it is vastly better when fried to release some of the fat and get a bit crispy.