Eggs (dozen): laid fresh daily

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You'll notice big differences from conventional grocery store eggs - the flavor is exceptional, the yolks are a brighter yellow, the whites are much more substantial (just try making an omelette), and the shells are thicker and stronger. Try them just once and you won't want to go back to eggs from the store. Our hens have plenty of indoor and outdoor space and they can freely travel from one area to the other. They receive a regular diet of grain formulated specially for laying hens, which is supplemented by all of the produce from the garden that isn't saleable (the chickens take food waste and turn it into eggs).

From the fall of 2020 until spring of 2021 you can order your eggs online right here, and then receive them in the following ways:

-Alongside beef pickups and deliveries. Order your eggs at the same time as your beef and you will receive both together.
-Pick up your eggs every Monday evening from 5:00 to 8:00 in Sandy Hill at 59 Blackburn Avenue (Craig's house). Please order no later than each Friday for the following Monday so that we can be sure to have enough on hand.
-Pickup at the farm (coming soon, updated here once this becomes available)


A question we often receive is "How long do eggs last in the refrigerator?" The short answer is 'about a month'. The slightly longer answer is that they seldom actually go bad even after longer times than this, but their quality does begin to deteriorate. We make sure to always cycle our eggs so that they get out to our customers within a few days of being laid.

For more information see our eggs page.