Rib steak - grass fed beef

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This is one of our favorite grilling steaks. We cut our rib steaks at a generous 1 inch (2.5cm) thick. We really like this thickness, as it allows either a quick sear on the outsides to stay rare in the middle, or cooking a bit longer at lower temperature for more well done. Our rib steaks average 1.1 pounds each (500 grams)

Rib steaks come from the 'rib primal', on the back of the cow. This is one of the most tender cuts of beef, and being well marbled with fat makes it cook up with more flavour. We make all of this cut of beef into rib steaks, which include a short piece of rib bone. The exact same steak with no bone is called a ribeye, and with a big long piece of bone it is called a 'cowboy steak' or 'tomahawk steak'.

For more information about our cattle and beef, see here.