Pot roast and mashed potatoes

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Our roast beef is served with a red wine demi-glace and pearl onions, over a bed of mashed potatoes. We start by slow cooking our grass-fed beef roasts for several hours. Using the drippings from the roast, we make a red wine demi-glace (gravy) that we simmer with pearl onions. Mashed potatoes are made and packaged separately, allowing you to have them on the side or mixed right in with the roast and gravy.

Ingredients: Roast: L'eau du ruisseau grass-fed beef roast, red wine, beef stock, salt, spices, corn starch, pearl onions. Mashed potatoes: potatoes, potatoes, milk, butter, salt.

Packaging and preparation: The roast beef is frozen in 12 oz. vacuum packed bags. Mashed potatoes are in a separate vacuum pack. Each order contains 2-3 adult servings. Leave it to thaw in the vacuum pack in the fridge or in a bowl of cool water on the counter. Reheat on the stovetop or in the microwave, and serve.