We would say that we produce "great" food, but what does that really mean?

Great food... this is really what a direct-to-customers farm like ours should be about, right? Wanting to eat and share great food is really the single biggest reason that I got into farming. Before we began this journey, every week as I was doing my shopping at the grocery store, I picked up items and wondered  how the food was grown, and whether it was done the way that it should be, what was even in the processed food. I wanted the best food that I could find for myself and my family, and wasn’t completely satisfied by what I was finding at Loblaws or Metro. Some people might have just gone to farmers’ markets more often, but we decided to take the plunge into growing our own food. It suited our interests to make this big switch, and there was no way for me to have a greater understanding of where our food came from than to grow it myself. 

So what makes for ‘great’ food? What makes some food ‘better’ than other food? I think that I have a good working definition, though I wouldn't claim this is an exhaustive list. To me, the things that make food ‘great’ is when that food is better for human health, the environment, the animals, local rural communities and their economies, as well as for the taste buds. Our farm and others like it are doing what they can to bring great food to you. Click on the links below (they will become active over the next few weeks as I continue to publish them) to see an elaboration of what I mean for each of these points, and what we are trying to do about each at Ferme L'eau du ruisseau.

-Great food and animal welfare
-Great food and rural communities/economies
-Great food tastes better