Workshops / Farm experiences

Our team has a wealth of knowledge that we would love to share with you. And we know that many of you would appreciate the chance to participate in aspects of farm life. We are making our experience, the farm, and the land available to you by providing small group workshops and activities here on the farm.

Whether you just want to know more about country living and the natural world, or if you are planning projects of your own and need some help to get going, we are here for you. If you'd like to come and try farm chores like feeding the animals, collecting fresh-laid eggs, working in the garden, or chopping firewood, we can help. If you'd like to learn more about the local flora and fauna on nature walks, we can do that too. If you'd like to plant a garden or fruit trees but don't know where to begin, we can walk you through it. We have expertise sustainable lifestyles, and can help you to live more lightly on the planet. With small groups we can tailor your visit to your exact needs.

If you would like to come for a farm experience or workshop, please reach out and let us know what you would like to come to see, learn or do at the farm. Tell us who would be coming, and how long you'd like to stay. A typical experience may be an hour to a few hours, but we could also make a full day-long event. A meal or snack could be included with your visit. We will get back to you to you to tell you what our availability looks like and give a price quote. We keep our prices reasonable, but our farm is still a business so we also have to make sure that the time we take for this kind of visit contributes to the financial success of the farm.

For each of the domains mentioned below, we are well versed in both practical and more academic aspects. If there is a topic that you don't see on the list below, reach out to us anyway. It may simply not have made it onto this page, or we may have other friends and neighbors that we could bring in who are more versed in these topics.

  • Organic gardening. All aspects from planning, planting, maintenance, and harvest.
  • Orchards. Their design, planting, maintenance, etc.
  • Food preservation and transformation. Canning, freezing, root cellars, etc.
  • Animal husbandry. All about farm animals and their care (cows and chickens in particular).
  • Forestry. Identifying different trees, their habitat and uses, timber and firewood production, and more.
  • Local flora and fauna
  • Farm infrastructure. Rural building, utilities, wells, septic systems, etc.
  • Sustainable lifestyles. How to live more lightly in the world. See Craig's other website for some of his work in this area.
  • Sustainable and healthy food and food systems. What makes some food 'better'?
  • Off grid homes. From design to living in one (see Craig and France-Pascale's house just a few minutes from the farm)
  • Boat tours. We can arrange tours on the beautiful Gatineau River and Paugan Reservoir, learn more about the region and its history.