Our laying hens spend their days on pasture near the barn where they have access to grass, bugs, and imperfect produce, and they can scratch and peck to their hearts' content. Their indoor space is a large nesting and roosting room that is attached to our big barn, which protects them from the elements. The majority of their diet comes from a mix of grains that gives the birds all the nutrition that they need, though their time foraging outdoors is what they really seem to relish.

Our hens are of a breed called 'Rhode Island Reds', and are renowned for their big and tasty brown eggs, as well as their hardy and adaptable nature. When you come to the farm, make sure that you plan to spend some time with the chickens. They are especially popular with the kids, but adults enjoy them too as they are very personable and love to take grass and veggies straight from your hand.

Each hen lays almost one egg per day, and they are wonderful eggs. They are nice and large, and taste better than any of the eggs that are found in the grocery store. In addition to taste, our eggs are just more...substantial. The shells are thicker and stronger, the yolks are a brighter yellow, and the whites firm up in the pan in a way that we've never seen from conventional eggs. Most of our eggs are sold directly from our store, you can stop by to pick them up at the self serve any time.