In May of 2020 we planted the first half acre of our ‘permaculture’ orchard. This is a high diversity orchard containing many types of fruit and other edible plants. The list will expand considerably as we plant more sections of the orchard, but the first planting includes apples, pears, plums, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, haskap (honeyberry), saskatoon berries, rhubarb, and a number of types of perennial herbs and nitrogen fixing plants. We are following the methods of Stefan Sobkowiak of Miracle Farmswho has for years run a very successful orchard like the one we are creating, and he is now educating many others on his methods. We should have a modest harvest as early as 2021, though it will take several years the plants to mature. We plan to run the orchard as a U-pick, where customers will have the opportunity to stroll through the orchards and around the farm to harvest their own fruit. Our current plan is to expand the orchard out to about 5 acres over the next few years.