About our farm

Our farm

We are striving to build the very best highly diverse and regenerative farm that we can. We want to grow great food and bring as many people as possible onto our farm to feed, educate and share the experience of forming deep connections with food and the landscape in which it grows. If you look at other sections of our website, you can learn more about our operations, our cattle, chickens, garden, orchard, and more.

We have a wonderful site of more than 200 acres, which includes 80 acres of fields and over 100 acres of hilly mature forest. The farm is split in half by the major highway, Route 105. Also running through the entire farm is the picturesque Stag Creek, which empties into the Gatineau River at the east end of the farm. At the main farmstead there is quite an assortment of barns and sheds, some of which date back to the late 1800s. To see details about the geography and layout of our farm, check out the following interactive map.


Our team

Craig Anderson. Craig does a bit of everything around the farm, from creating its vision, managing the farm’s finances, working with our customers, all the way to picking and planting in the fields. He has always been interested in agriculture, land management and biology. He has lived in other places and worked in other domains, but now plans to be with this farm for many years to come.

France-Pascale Ménard. France-Pascale has three wonderful children with Craig, and also works full time for Statistics Canada, which leaves less time than she would like for working at the farm. She brings a sharp mind to the big picture decisions that need to be made, does a lot with customer relations, and intends to get more hands-on with the farm as other responsibilities permit.

Paul Rockwell. Paul shares many management duties with Craig as well as being the farm’s resident plant expert, planning and managing the orchard and garden. He has twenty five years of horticultural experience at nurseries, in landscaping and on farms, and brings all of that knowledge to his work at L’eau du ruisseau. He has also owned a number of small businesses, including the hunting and fishing shop that he still runs just a kilometre up the highway from the farm, Manitou Chasse et Peche.

Simon Beaudry. Simon brings many skills to the farm. While he also works full time as the manager of research infrastructure for the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa, he finds the time to do much of our technical computer work, building our website, doing some graphic design, and more. As a people person, he also does a lot of outreach for the farm. Going forward, he will be instrumental in setting up the educational and entertainment activities that we will be adding as the farm matures over time.

Christian Rostaing. Christian takes the lead on much of the day-to-day operations around the farm, from animal husbandry to carpentry, welding to running heavy machinery. He has a very deep set of skills from a lifetime on farms. He grew up on and then managed his family’s dairy farm in France, before immigrating to Canada and working at other farms in Ontario.

Hélène Desjardins. Hélène manages our on-farm store. She also helps with the gardens, and handles some of the paperwork that comes with running a business. Being married to Paul, she also has extensive experience with the businesses that they have owned through the years.


The future of our farm

In the years to come, we will of course continue our current enterprises, but we have lots of ideas for expanding and diversifying further. Broadly, we will be looking to produce ever more variety in our food, and to give more opportunities for people to come and experience the farm for themselves. Some of these ideas are speculative so only time will tell for how many of these will come to pass. Some of the things that we are considering are:

-Honey – We will be partnering with Apiverte and add honeybees in 2021. They will maintain the hives on our farm, and we split the honey that the bees produce.
-U-Pick of fruits and vegetables. We will begin with some close friends and family in 2021, expanding steadily as the orchard matures.
-Try to extend the U-pick season to go from spring straight through to late fall. Start with asparagus and flowers in the spring and finish with late maturing fruit and vegetables in October
-Develop a mature and healthy stand of sugar maple trees on the farm into a sugar bush and make our own maple syrup
-Add other types of animals, perhaps pigs, ducks, or geese
-Prepare significant amounts of ‘value-added’ foods, including such things as frozen prepared meals, baked goods, jams, canned and pickled produce

Activities and facilities
-Convert our main barn into an event space so that we could host such things as weddings or concerts.
-Run regular courses for the community, on topics such as food, biodiversity, and sustainability
-Have day camps for kids
-Add accommodations – We’ve already identified an area that could make a good campground, and may at some point consider building a couple of guest cabins
-Add boat/canoe rental. Stag Creek is great by itself, but it is also only a short trip down the creek into the Gatineau River.