Our vegetable gardening, and all our farming practices for that matter, seek to follow the principles of regenerative agriculture. This means that we are trying to make the landscape healthier at the same time as we take a yield from it. We are trying to build healthy soil and soil life, reduce erosion and other negative impacts in the area, and improve local biodiversity. We use no synthetic pesticides, and our only additions to the soil are compost and mulch. This gives many benefits over time but it does make for more work for us up-front because we don’t use the shortcuts provided by synthetic chemicals. We need to spend significant time in our fields, with such activities as working with mulches and cultivation to keep undesirable plants to a minimum or using fencing and row covers to keep out the insects and other animals that would eat or damage our crops. While we are not organic certified we are happy for you to come to look at our fields and see exactly how your vegetables are being grown. Our methods allow us to grow tasty, local and sustainable produce.