Farm food monthly subscription

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If you'd like to regularly receive great food from our farm and want to make it easy and automatic, our subscription plan is for you. With your purchase you will receive your first order, and then you'll get another order of farm food every month (or every 2, 3, or 4 months). Your credit card will be charged again with each delivery, cancel at any time. Locking in to be a consistent customer really helps us with our planning so we want to thank you by giving you more for your money; you'll get an extra 5% value of our food on the smallest plan, up to 10% on the largest subscription.

What you receive:
The default option is a "farmer's choice" selection of our great farm foods. Each month we will pick some of our popular or featured products and bring them to you. This is great if you like to have a bit of a surprise when you open your box. In season, this may include some fruits and vegetables, canned salsas/pickles/etc., as well as the meats that make up the primary part of our farm production.

But if you'd like more control over your order, just email us to let us know what you'd like by:
-Setting some conditions. If you want all raw meats, or smoked meats, or prepared meals, we can do that. Say you only wanted meats that go on the grill (ground beef, steaks, sausages), that is what you'll get.
-A standing order. If you know that your family wants the same items every month, we can always bring the same order. If you eat ground beef, stewing cubes and salami, we can restock you monthly. 
-Custom order each month. We will always have to coordinate with you on delivery, and you can just let us know once a month what you'd like, and we'll get it to you.


-Delivery is available for free in our primary delivery zone, which includes the areas along the Gatineau River, as well as central Gatineau and Ottawa neighborhoods. See the delivery zone map here. We can deliver the 'extra large' box throughout the metro area.
        -Pickups at the farm or in Sandy Hill also available.