Mixed box: 40 pounds grass-fed beef

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This box includes a mix of beef proportional to the cuts that come from an entire cow. This works out to about 8-10 pounds of different steaks, 16-18 pounds of ground beef, and the balance made up of cuts like roasts, ribs, shank (osso bucco), and stewing cubes. Buying this larger amount of beef gives the biggest discount over our normal retail prices.

If 40 pounds sounds like a lot, it is, but it can make sense for many people. If you are feeding a family and eat beef relatively often, this should be a supply that lasts you several months. Forty pounds of beef requires about 1.5 cubic feet of space in a freezer - see the images below. These show all the meat in a typical 40 pound order,  and the size of box needed for this much beef (banana for scale) - this box measures 10"x13"x19". In a normal sized fridge/freezer, this would take up about something like half or a bit more of the freezer space, while the full sized chest freezers that we use can hold nine of these boxes.

For more information about our cattle and beef, see here.