We are making our farm a gathering place for the community. It is a wonderful place that we want to share with you, and use it to connect people with their food, the farmers, the landscape and each other.

Saturdays at the farm. From the middle of the 2021 harvest season, we had semi-regular ‘Saturdays at the farm’ events where we invited people to come and see all parts of the farm, have a picnic, hike, feed the chickens, and generally enjoy a visit. We are also happy to have everyone pick their own vegetables and fruits out of the garden, there is always something ready to harvest. These 'open house' days generally go from 10 AM to 4 PM, and are open to anyone who would like to stop by. We will have these events much more regularly in the summer of 2022, so stay tuned for more details, here and on Facebook and Instagram.

2021 Schedule of Events

  • August 7. Honey harvest with Apiverte.
  • September 4. Peak harvest day, bulk tomatoes and other veggies for salsa and pasta sauce.
  • September 18. Special guest Catherine Gagnon of Borderie Serpe d'Or. Drying herbs and making teas.
  • October 9. Guided hikes around the farm. 4 km, hills, fields, garden, creek.


Your Events!

As we continue to develop our site, we are able to do more and more to host your events too. As of right now we have lots of beautiful outdoor spaces, picnic areas, garden, orchard, trails, forest and fields, chickens and cows. Our indoor entertainment space isn't prepared yet, but will be in much better shape by the fall of 2022. We will have our big hayloft cleaned out and ready for use, a beautiful timber-framed 40’ by 70’ room with a 40’ foot vaulted ceiling.

So do you have an event that you would like us to host? We can take on things such as kids’ birthdays, family celebrations, corporate events, we could even handle small weddings. Catered food is also a possibility. Reach out to us and we will work with you to put something wonderful together at a competitive price.