Chicken - whole free range

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Through the summer and fall we will have chickens available. We raised some last year and can attest that this will be some of the best tasting chicken that you've ever had. Our chickens are a larger size (2 to 3 times heavier) than what you typically find in the grocery store, so there is always going to be plenty to go around when you roast or grill one of our birds.

We raise our chickens from day-old chicks right here on the farm. They have plenty of space and constant access to the outdoors, living good chicken lives. They are grain-fed and never receive any chemicals such as antibiotics or hormones. Stop in throughout the summer and you'll be able to visit the chickens and see them for yourself.

Details: Our chickens are air chilled and flash frozen at the abattoir and stay that way until you pick them up. Each reservation that you make is for one bird for one butcher date (you can reserve multiple chickens for a date). The $20 reservation fee goes towards your final purchase price. The total price is $6 per pound and each bird should weigh between 6 and 9 pounds pounds. So if you receive an 8 pound chicken, you would owe $28 on pick-up (8 lb x $6/lb - $20 reservation fee).

We will have four batches of chickens, and they will be available for pickup from around the 10th of the month in July, August, September and October. You can pick up from any of our normal pickup locations through the middle of each month - we will be in touch to coordinate with you on pickup time.