Price list: grass fed beef

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If you know exactly what cuts and quantities of beef that you would like, we can take custom orders of all types. Our price list by the cut can be found in the table below. If you would like to place an order, simply email it to us at and we will coordinate with you and handle that order outside of our website. Payment for custom orders can by made by e-transfer or in cash.

Discounts are available on volumes of 20 pounds or more, we can even do larger orders like half or whole steers. That discount is: 5% for 20 pounds or more, 10% for 40 pounds or more, and 15% on orders greater than 80 pounds.

We now have a store open at the farm itself where we will be selling all of the beef cuts that we have available at any given time.

For more information about our cattle and beef, see here.

Cut Price per pound
Ground beef $9
Hamburger patties $10
Stewing cubes $12
Shank (osso buco) $12
Roasts $12
Short ribs $12
Value steaks (French, round, sirloin tip)
Flank steak $17
Sirloin steak $18
Hanger steak $19
Strip steak
T-bone steak $22
Rib steak $22
Soup bones $6
Liver $6
Cheek $11
Oxtail $13