Honey: local and raw wildflower honey (330 g jar)

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Our farm has partnered with Apiverte, a local bee and honey company, to provide honey for our farm. The honey that Apiverte produces is left raw (not pasteurized) and batches are never blended. This means that it is really possible to taste the differences based on the season it was harvested and what flowers were in bloom at the time at that particular site. We are able to offer this honey for a price of $10 for each 330 gram jar.

Apiverte has a very interesting business model. They partner with farms and restaurants along the the Highway 5/105 corridor that follows the Gatineau River, placing hives at each location and then sharing the honey that comes from the bees. They use sheds, called EZHouses, to hold their hives and commission local artists to paint murals on the sides of each house.

At the moment we are offering honey harvested in summer 2020 at another farm just a few kilometers west of Wakefield, but Apiverte will be installing hives at our farm in time for the 2021 honey season. During the summers we plan to have educational events with Apiverte that show how honey is harvested, and from late summer 2021 all of our honey will be made and harvested directly on our farm.

Just as with eggs, honey can be received the following ways:
-Alongside beef pickups and deliveries. Order your honey at the same time as your beef and you will receive both together.
-Pick up your honey every Monday evening from 5:00 to 8:00 in Sandy Hill at 59 Blackburn Avenue (Craig's house)