Smoked Sausages

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Our smoked sausages are fully cooked in our smoker, and come to you ready to eat cold or hot. They can be served on a bun like a hotdog, eaten plain as a pepperette, or sliced and eaten from a charcuterie board. 
Our sausages are made by us in our commercial farm kitchen. The meat is ground, mixed with other ingredients, and pressed into collagen sausage casings, twisted shut every 15 cm to separate the sausages. The long linked sausages are then hung to cook in the smoker for a few hours, to take on their distinctive flavour.

Our grass-fed beef, locally raised pork, salt, curing salt, potato starch (as a binder) and spices. 

They come frozen in 200 gram vacuum sealed packs, usually 3 to 4 sausages (depending on length).